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Dawn Caldwell

Dawn Caldwell is a professional award winning artist of both 2 and 3 dimensional art. Her work often reflects her love of both the mountains of North Carolina and the coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina. Dawn uses oil, watercolor and acrylic paint to create her memorable paintings and clay or concrete for sculptural pieces. Watercolor portraits and landscapes in oil or acrylic are among her favorites.

‘Catching the light’ is a phrase used to describe a much sought after goal of many artists and one that Dawn works to achieve in all her paintings. “In order to capture a sense of time and place with emotion, energy, beauty and tranquility, catching the light is one of the most important techniques an artist must strive to develop. Whether a warm sunny day or a cool evening, the light is ever present and always changing.”


Christmas - Watercolor


Saluda - Oil on Canvas

This and That

All About the Egg

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